Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Neon, Neon

(#3, #13, #22)

I love fedoras. I love them because everyone looks good in them, they add effortless style to anything, and they protect your face from sun (hello cancer and premature aging!). But mainly, I love fedoras because I didn't feel like doing my hair today and I have a zit the size of Mt. Everest right in the middle of my forehead. Not cute. So cute headgear it is.

I love pairing neon with neutrals (it's pretty hard to screw up), but I love also pairing them with other colors. How happy are we that neon is back in style?! But I'm afraid of other 90's-era trends that I'm seeing - I'm looking at you, floral denim and crop tops. 90210 and New Kids on the Block have already made a comeback. Everything really does come full circle... I just hope not scrunchies.

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