Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a Mompetition!

I'm going to say this at the very beginning.  I'm an Aries.  For those that know me well, they know I'm pretty true to my sign.  I'm enthusiastic, loyal and tend to be the planner or the initiator of events or parties.  But I'm also about as stubborn as they come, a little shortsighted and can turn very small things into a very big competition.

As soon as I became pregnant, the game was definitely on.  I was going to have the cutest nursery that ever existed.  I would be the most glamorous pregnant woman that had ever lived.  My baby would be the most perfect human being ever born.  But, as it turns out, every other parent is just as competitive.  They have really cute nurseries...gasp - cuter than mine!  There were SUPER cute prego ladies out there.  And you guessed it - SO. MANY. BEAUTIFUL. BABIES.

And the mompetition only starts at pregnancy.  Labor and delivery turns into a Strong Woman death match.  How long was your labor?  Did you use medicine?  Soon after, everyone is fixated on comparing newborns.  Does your baby sleep through the night?  What does your baby weigh?  How tall is your baby?  Is your baby speaking 8 foreign languages?  While I know that most people ask out of curiosity and complete good nature, the Aries in me figures it's another ram showing their horns and readying to duel.

I would like to call a truce to the mompetition.  I'm going to try to stop competing (or trying to quiet the urge) and just focus on being a great mom to my little girl.  I may not have a hand drawn mural in my nursery (you can barely read my handwriting) or document my baby's every waking moment in a colorful collage (I wish I could go all Sherry and John from Young House Love), but I love my baby just as much as any other parent.   And the truth of the matter is that's probably where the mompetition comes from.  Doesn't everyone just want to be the best version of themselves to their special people?

PS - according to the "new" zodiac calendar, I'm not an Aries anymore, but instead a Pisces.  Hmm.  I don't know if I buy it, but Pisces are supposed to be more understanding.  I'll work on that.

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