Friday, July 6, 2012

Snack Time!

Just so you know, 30 for 30 is still happening. I have worn outfits almost every day since starting my self-imposed challenge....but I've been reeeaaalllly bad at taking pictures. Maybe models have it harder than I give them credit for? No, probably not.

I thought I'd actually have some real mom stuff on here as opposed to fashion-y stuff. Not that the two are mutually exclusive...anyway, since Baby C is basically a full-blown toddler now, I want to make sure I have snacks on hand at all times. When we're home, Claire eats fresh fruit and vegetables (or things that make more of a mess). But it's tough eating on the go, which we are most of the time.

Here are some items I make sure to pack in the diaper bag so many very hungry caterpillar can get her fill:

1. Trader Joe's Freeze Dried Raspberries - Claire has a come into a recent obsession with these. I love that she loves them because it's the benefits of fruit without the juicy mess, need to be refrigerated, etc. I can keep these in my diaper bag for if they'd last that long. The freeze dried strawberries are great, too! Plus, I love to sprinkle them on cereal or yogurt...or even sneak a few out of the bag when Baby C's not watching.

2. Trader Joe's Crushers - applesauce is like crack to Claire. She asks for it ALL.THE.TIME. I suppose there are worse things for her to want. Enter Crushers - they come in 3 flavors (apple, apple banana, and Claire's favorite, apple carrot). Plenty of companies make these now, but I find the TJ's ones a pretty good deal ($2 for a box of 4, where most competitors price around $1/pouch) and the ingredients are just fruit puree and juice.

3. Babybel Cheese - Claire's not quite into string cheese yet, but Babybel is great! It's easy to break up (still getting things in bite sized pieces) and a good source of fat and protein.

4. O's cereal - these are a staple in most houses with young children. I make sure to have a container of these in my diaper bag wherever I go. But make sure to check the ingredients - O's cereal can be high in sugar. They are also a great base for "toddler trail mix" - add dried fruit, pretzels, crackers, chocolate chips - whatever your little one desires.

5. Happy Baby Puffs - similar to Os, these are great little crackers for little fingers. They quickly dissolve so they even are good options for younger babies. I get the greens variety because it's made with kale, spinach and collard greens. It's not like it's a serving of vegetables or anything, but any little bit helps.

Bonus item: the Munchkin snack catcher. These genius inventions make snack time much less messy and I would definitely add this to the list of products that will make your life better. They're BPA free, dishwasher safe and you can pick them at Target.

Any snacks I missed? What do your bebes clamor for at snack time?

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