Monday, July 9, 2012

Best Apps for Toddlers

As we're getting ready to fly cross-country with Baby C (for the first time!), I'm definitely starting to get a little nervous. Will she be a good traveler? Will she scream the whole time? Will she sleep? What will I need to pack? It's making me crazy!

We got an iPad for Christmas, and I think when we travel, it's going to be worth its weight in gold...not that it weighs very much, but you get the point. I've already loaded up on a ton of good apps that I've tested with Claire and so far, here are the favorites!

1) Bubbles - yep. That's pretty much it. This is actually a challenge to find a kid who doesn't like bubbles. It's just like it sounds - bubbles come up on the screen and kids pop 'em. ($1 on iTunes)

2) I Hear Ewe - this is a great game for babies and toddlers to get to know sounds. There's 12 farm animals, 12 jungle animals and 12 cars/planes - do the math - that's a lot of time to be entertained. (free on iTunes)

3) AlphaBaby - a fun game for even the littlest toddlers, AlphaBaby has a simple concept - touch the screen and a letter, number or shape comes up at the same time a cheerful voice tells you what it is. It will be a great way to learn. Claire just likes dragging the letters across the board. (free on iTunes)

4) The Wheels on the Bus - Claire's favorite song? There's an app for that. It won the Parents' Choice Award in 2010 for an outstanding educational/fun app. Check out other apps by the same developer (Duck Duck Moose) - they have Itsy Bitsy Spider or Old MacDonald if that's more your speed ($1 on iTunes).

5) Piano - We've had this on our iPad for awhile, and Claire just loves it. We've decided that although she's not the next Beethoven, she loves slamming her little fingers down on the "piano" and making music to her ears (free on iTunes)

Most of these apps are available for the iPhone and Droid, too - even if your trip is just across town, it's nice to have something to entertain the kiddos.

Have you discovered a wonder app you'd like to share?

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