Friday, July 22, 2011

When I'm a Mom, I'll Never....

Fill in the blank.  Not go on a date with my husband.  Have ugly toys scattered across my living room.  Talk in a baby voice.

Turns out some of that stuff is hard to avoid.  I live 3 hours away from Baby C's grandparents (all of them), and while I love my friends dearly, a) many of them have children of their own and could use a babysitter themselves b) I'm not quite ready for non-family members to watch my 4 month old child.  And those ugly toys?  Yeah, they are brightly colored to help with infant development.  And a baby voice?  It comes out of nowhere.  One minute, you're talking to an adult about adult things, and next minute, you are talking about an octave higher than usual and making up words.  It's weird and I don't know how it happens.

What has this taught me?  Well, besides the fact that ugly toys might be necessary in helping Baby C learn and grow?  First, never say never.  I think I can say with certainty this will not be the last time I learn that lesson.  And second, never judge.  It seems easy to sit back (especially if you have no kids) and look at what parents are doing with their children and proudly say in your head, "I'll never do that."  And then you start talking in a baby voice.

Anything you swore you'd never do?


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